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A Wild Feminist Thing Appeared!

Random Acquaintance on Facebook:  Okay I am going to rant for a minute. Two women have told me today that men have failed at making them feel special and have hurt them because they were being selfish or unkind with their words. Guys We HAVE to STOP THIS! we are gentlemen and the people who can make a woman feel special with a word or crush her in ways unimagined! Take five seconds and make the woman or women in your life feel special! Not asking for the moon here.

My Response:  
Girls aren't special. Girls are people. People who are fully capable of not needing men to provide them with banana stickers. Girls should learn not to be dependent on men to make them feel special, worthwhile or otherwise deserving. And if the guy you're with doesn't make you feel special, maybe you need to reevaluate why you're with someone who doesn't want to make you feel that way. A sense of worth isn't something that anyone else is obligated to give you, it's something that you earn from yourself and from other people.

So did I totally attack the guy for no reason or am I justified?  Thoughts?


Before I start this entry, I just want to say that I have a TOTALLY REASONABLE REASON for not updating sooner.  I will give this reason in the form of a piece of sagely advice:

Don't catch walking pneumonia during your first week on a new job.  

That is basically the long and short of what's been going on.  I'm FINALLY on the mend, but it took the better part of a week, a rather fruitless trip to the doctor and the wonder of antibiotics to get me there.  For the record, my doctor had no idea what the hell was wrong with me.  It was the Great and Powerful Jackie who listened to my symptoms and said "I think you may have walking pneumonia."  And then I looked up the symptoms and damned if I didn't have every one of them.  So Jackie is a better doctor than my doctor.  Go figure!

I'll make another entry about the actual job soon when I'm not procrastinating going to bed.  I also want to do some babbling in an entry about media.  I've been doing a LOT of reading/watching/playing lately and what is the point of having an LJ if I don't bore my friends with the banalities of my tastes and life?


I feel like I got hit by a truck.  A truck full of diseases.

A disease-truck.

Austin Dork

I keep staring at my layout trying to figure out if it's accurate to the real Austin skyline and where I live in regards to where everything is.

That is all.

The Continued Adventures of My Weekend

I resolved that I would actually start posting regularly, so I kind of need to start posting regularly!

First things first:  I have a new car!  I got it on Saturday after test driving an Infiniti and then test driving my car again.  It is a 2010 Lexus IS 250 and it is white and very, very, very pretty.  And comfortable!  I swear to god, it's like driving a La-Z-Boy.  It is also much smaller than Wolfgang was.  I'm okay with that, considering that I really don't NEED an SUV anymore.  It also gets better gas mileage and has a bunch of extra goodies that I'm excited about, namely an MP3 player input and adequate cupholders.  So that has been extremely exciting.  I'm not sure what I'll name it yet.  I'm pretty sure it's a boy car (most of my cars tend to be male) but no name yet.  Normally I try to give my cars ethnically appropriate names (ie my Japanese Nissan was Yuki and the German Porsche was Wolfgang) and Lexus is a Japanese brand, but... he isn't striking me as a Japanese car.  We shall see.

To back up a bit, I spent almost all of Friday cleaning my apartment.  Dusting, vacuuming, straightening up, cleaning the mirrors (and there are a lot of mirrors), the whole nine yards.  This was partially because it needed a good cleaning, but mostly because at that point my car was still broken and the weather was TERRIBLE and I was cleaning as a last-ditch effort to avoid getting complete cabin fever.  So I ended up spending the majority of the day cleaning.  And probably playing Final Fantasy X, because I've started playing that again.

Saturday involved lunch at Trudy's with Mom, Kiddo and Tarryn, who is in town for SXSW and then was mostly spent doing car things with Mom and Dad.  Car things, for whatever reason, tend to take an extraordinary amount of time by themselves.  This, compounded with the newly-minted Curtis Clause (which states that whenever my dad is involved with any activity, you add a minimum hour and a half to the usual time you'd expect it to take) pretty much ate up the whole day.  But at the end of it, I had a new car and I can't complain about that.  I finally got home, got all PJified and was prepared to spend an evening snuggled under my blanket playing FFX when Tarryn called me and asked if I wanted to meet up with her at Ego's for karaoke.  Ego's happens to be within walking distance of my apartment and I was feeling particularly awake, so I agreed and walked over there.  I met up with her and her friend Cynthia and hung out for a couple of hours singing and dancing along to other karaoke, but we didn't do any ourselves.  And then I took off because I had agreed to go pick Bree up from the airport at midnight.  She had spent the week in NYC with some friends, so it was good to see her and to hear about her trip and to show off my new car. ^_^  So I dropped her off and then went the hell to bed.

Sunday....  Sunday I think I slept in really late and then played Final Fantasy and then ran around getting ready for the evening's plans.  Jackie had gotten into town on Friday for her spring break and had told us a while back about this live stage production of Ghostbusters that her cousin was involved in that was free to go see, so we had made plans to meet up Sunday for that.  I borrowed some folding camp chairs and a small ice chest from Dad and Bree met me at my house and we made quick brownies and picked up fried chicken for a picnic lunch and headed over to Metz park, where the performance was.  Jackie and Kim were already there and a bunch of Jackie's family came and in the end there was actually a pretty big crowd!  The performance itself was AMAZING.  It was done all by amateurs as a labor of love and you could tell that they just had a ball with it.  The had altered it to be set in Austin instead of New York, so there were all these Austiny references (like the university they worked for was UT and the haunted apartment building was on Riverside, etc.) and the cast was all mixed up.  Egon was played by a tall black dude and Winston was played by a short white chick.  It was so much fun and I'm glad that I got to go see it!

Today involved doing a lot of crap for my upcoming job, such as filling out paperwork and the like.  I had a minor heart attack when I couldn't find one of the documents I was supposed to have, but I asked and it turns out that they forgot to email it to me.  Whoops. ^^;;  Later on, I headed over to my house and met up with Jackie and we proceeded to have a hang out day.  There was Chipotle and we watched Blades of Glory and the original John Carpenter Halloween.  She hadn't seen either and seemed to like them both so yay for that.  

And now I'm back at my place, typing up this entry as the last thing I do before I brush my teeth and go to bed.  I need to start going to bed earlier since I start work in less than a week (!!!!) but apparently not today.  Whoops.  Tomorrow I think I'm going to go meet up with Mom at her office since I need to fax a bunch of stuff in for my job and she has a free fax....  Hmm...

Night everybody!

P.S.  Ain't no one fucks with tiny hippo.  Also, new layout!

My Life is Good

Well it's been almost three months since I've updated my poor LJ.  Three whole months.  That is a long time.  And a LOT has happened.  BUT IT'S ALL AWESOME.  Since I really can't accurately recall the three of the most eventful months of my life in one LJ entry, here is the lame bulleted list version of the big stuff:

-Graduated from college.  With honors.  Like a BOSS.  Noelle, Jackie and Bree came up with my family to watch me walk across the stage and play with my stupid hat tassel.  

-Moved back to Austin.  

-Had awesome holidays with my friends and family.  

-Moved into a sweet bachelor pad in downtown Austin.  

-Applied to jerbs.


I was offered and accepted a job offer this morning.  Like, a big person job with a salary and benefits and everything.  And I start in not quite two weeks.  I am nervous because it's so different, but I'm also so excited.

Looking back on all the stuff I've been through, I feel proud of all of this.  I've graduated and I am going to not be living in a cardboard box and I got this job all by myself.  I'm going somewhere.  I'm finally making it.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA I test drove cars today too.  Because Wolfy, my dear beloved Porsche Cayenne, has decided to have a broken drive shaft.  Holy shit what a day.

It's Actually Happening

Just found out that I made all A's for the first time ever in my LAST semester of undergrad.  And that I'm graduating for sure.  With a 3.5 GPA.

I am freaking out right now, but in the BEST possible way.

Birthday Post! And Etc.

I need to make some notes about my berfday!  It was a rather significant one, after all.  It's not every day you turn twenty-five and it's REALLY not every day that you do it on 11-11-11.  I feel rather special because of it!

The actual birthday was on a Friday and at Mom's behest (no really) I skipped my Thursday classes and went home early.  The drive down was largely uneventful, minus the fact that I got pulled over TWICE by highway patrol for speeding after not having ever been pulled over ONCE in the previous three years that I've been driving back and forth between Austin and Lubbock.  The truly remarkable part was that both times I only got warnings instead of tickets.  The second cop was actually visibly trying not to laugh as he gave me my second warning.  It was like my birthday present from Texas law enforcement.  Oh yeah, and this happened within about an hour of each other.  It was epic times.

I got home in time to go see a musical with Mom.  We saw South Pacific, which was okay but not great and generally just had a fun time being goofy together.  I love spending time with her so much.  I really wanted to sleep in the next morning, but ended up having to wake up and meet up with Dad to go to the Porsche dealership to go and get my car fixed at long last.  I've been needing to get my seat fixed since summer and Dad wanted the experts to look at my tires and whatnot after the debacle surrounding The Michael Incident.  Also, conveniently enough, he had to go pick up HIS car, which was there getting fixed as well, so it all worked out.  

I met up with him at his place and we went up there and hung out for a bit since we are well known to the dudes who work up there.  Dad had been driving the Tahoe, so he got his car and told me to take the Tahoe and go shop for a birthday present for myself since it would take a while for my car to be fixed and he had errands to run.  Not being one to turn down an offer like that, I took the Tahoe and went down to South Congress with the intention of going into Maya, a jewelry store I like a lot, but after half an hour of fruitlessly trying to find a place to park, I finally said "fuck it" and went down to First to go see Noel at Texas Custom Boots, where Dad and I get our boots.  

I went in there and actually found two pairs that I fell in love with, a pair of vintage 1980-81 pair of moray eel skin boots and a newer (but still used) pair of greyish boots with elaborate turquoise inlay.  I asked him to hold them for me until I could get Dad to come and see if those were acceptable and then went back to his apartment to chill out until he was done and we could go get my car.  I ended up spending an hour on his couch reading Lirael and half dozing with the sun shining on my tummy.  It was a pretty fan-freaking-tastic way to spend an afternoon.  After that, we got my car and I got to see a Fisker Karma, which is a totally electric car that they have programmed to make noises from Tron because cars have to make some kind of noise for the benefit of blind people.  This led to a hilarious discussion about what noise we would have our cars make if we could pick.  I think I voted for "Flight of the Valkyries" because I am an Apocalypse Now fan.  Also a geek.  Then Dad and I went back to the boot place and he got me both pairs as my birthday gift.  ^^  I have sexy boots.  Yay!

I went home after that and grabbed a shower and picked up Mom because we were meeting up with Dad, Kris, Alex and Trevor for my berfday dinner.  I hadn't seen Trevor in about a year since he's been teaching English over in Taiwan, so I was looking forward to that.  I had picked the Brick Oven as the place and Mom and I headed out and got there EXACTLY on time only to realize that there had been a communication error and that everyone else was at the other location.  ^^:;  So we went to the correct location and had a really nice time for dinner.  I got an Italian sausage, portobello mushroom and artichoke heart pizza all to myself, and therefore was a happy Xan.  There was some big group celebrating a birthday beside us and after they led the room in a happy birthday, Dad said "WAIT WE GOT ONE MORE!" and then the whole room sang happy birthday again for ME.  ^^;; It was fun.  They also had a huge German chocolate cake and gave us all pieces.  It was very kind of them.  

Saturday, Mom and I got up and had a nice breakfast and went to go see Tower Heist, the Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy comedy.  It was all right, reasonably entertaining but not great.  We met up with Alex for lunch at Jason's Deli and then the two of us headed off to the Fed Ex place to ask about the cost of shipping things to Japan Whole Foods to start putting together things for Operation Stacy Freak Out, as Mom so hilariously dubbed it.  We had planned to put together a care box for her to serve as a combination birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas gift because she has been homesick and whatnot.  

Because she hasn't gotten the box yet and I don't want to ruin the surprise, I cannot talk about what we got here, but suffice to say that it was a lot of fun.  Dad and Kris actually walked over from their place and hung out with us while we shopped.  Dad decided that I needed soap (he is a very strange man) and vitamins, so he bought me some really nice handmade soap and some vitamins. ^^;;;;;;  And a few other various things.  As I said, he's a strange man.  

After that, Dad went back to his place and Kris went with Mom and I to go bum around Anthropologie just for kicks.  We wandered around and I actually found a top that will be good for Thanksgiving and stuff and a dress, which will be good for Christmas and graduation and an actual Graduation Party, should I have one.  (Yegads!)  Bree and I had made plans to hang out later, so she joined us there and the two of us hung out after Mom and Kris took off.  We debated what to do for a bit before finally deciding to go back to my house so she could watch Alex play Skyrim and get some dinner.  XD;;;  So we did that, and it was a ton of fun.  We went to Pei Wei that evening and she bought me dinner as a birthday treat, which was super sweet of her and we had a good time. I'm glad I got to see her!

Sunday was also quite uneventful.  I don't remember a whole bunch except just packing up and driving back to Lubbock, so I'm going to assume that's more or less what I did.  So it was a pretty good birthday weekend overall!  

This week has been largely uneventful as well, except for I seem to have caught a cold on Thursday or Friday, which sucked.  But I think I'm finally starting to feel a bit better, so hopefully I'll be right as rain by Thanksgiving.  Oh, I went out and had a birthday-ish dinner with Adam, Sarah, Tarryn, Ashley, Jojo and Adam and Jojo's other housemate whom I had never met before.  It was fun getting to just hang out with people!  And on Friday I had a bit of a bro-date slash book exchange with an English buddy of mine who is also named Alex, so it was an oddly social week for me.  She is very smart and we have similar yet WILDLY different tastes in books, so we sort of just sat down in our local dive pizza joint and talked literature for a few hours.  It was really lovely.

Yesterday I went to the library and worked on doing research for my big annotated bibliography for my Drugs, Alcohol & Society class.  We need fifteen sources and I left with eighteen, which I'm glad about. It feels good to have a few extra in case one of them doesn't work out.  I'll have to try to read and do annotations for them over the break.  We shall see if it happens.  

As for today, I'm trying to study for my test over The Aeneid tomorrow, but considering that I just spent half an hour writing this entry, I'm not doing such a good job sticking to it.  It's not MY fault that it's the most boring, tedious epic ever.  Blargh.

Oh well, back to the salt mines!


Well, I'm not sure if it's the meds or if I'm just in an "upswing" lately, but I have been feeling better.  I'm excited for Halloween tomorrow (even though my attempts at a costume have been less than stellar) and for November the day after that.  This semester has flown by and it's getting harder and harder to realize that I'm going to be GRADUATING in only about a month and a half.  I just gotta hold on until then, right?

This weekend was an exercise in having the desire to write and it just. Not. Working.  I had a 3,000-4,000 word short story due for my class last Thursday and I ended up asking for an extension because it was just simply not going to happen.  And then over the weekend when I tried to get it written, it continued to just. Not. Happen.  So finally I threw up my hands and said "OKAY FINE" and pulled out a story that I had started to write a while back that already had about 2,000 words done.  And that has been going MUCH better.  I'm of the firm belief that writing is like digging a well - oftentimes you have to dig through a lot of crap to get to the good stuff, but it really helps to be digging in the right spot.  And people say writing isn't hard.

I also realized that I'm going to be turning twenty-five in eleven days.  Where the hell does the time go?

Writer's Block: What a wonderful word

What is your favorite word, and why?